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Customized silencer systems

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Our customized silencer systems are made completely to the customer’s specifications: materials, thickness, length, shape of the output end, punching diameter, and more.
Each is a rare item, available only as customized, and totally original.
Freight charges
United States and Australia: USD45.00
Asia: USD35.00

Type-211V (Moto GP Look)

Full Titanium Model

Type-Mega Full Titanium Model

Type-Moto GP Full Titanium Model

85φ/90φ/100φ  250mm〜500mm

Titanium model


Carbon model

90φ/100φ/110φ 250mm〜480mm

Aluminum model

90φ/100φ/110φ 250mm〜500mm


INQUIRIES TEL 81-92-477-9483

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