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Radiator and Oil cooler guards

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Radiator and Oil cooler guards

This is a stainless honeycomb mesh core guard that has been completed based on feedback from the race scene over many years. It has been proven in international races, such as the Suzuka 8 Hours World Endurance Championship Race.
With the minimum necessary sheet thickness (0.5 t), and without impeding the heat exchanging performance of the radiator, the fine mesh in the central area is in line with the tire width and reliably guards against small stones and dirt that are rolled upward on the front tire, insects that fly toward the light, tire bits that have fallen on the road surface of the circuit, and fine rubber debris that spins off from the front tire.
The coarse mesh on the right and left sides has an aperture ratio that is extended to the limit, taking into consideration balancing the opposing themes of cooling efficiency and protection. The material is SUS304 CSP-3/4H. This is a high-end stainless material that combines rust resistance with spring-back strength.
Since this is a material with a strong spring-back, it has a certain degree of restorability in regard to changes in shape and has the quality of not being dented by minor impacts. Giving consideration to endurance over long periods of time even with harsh street use, this material was selected from among various materials based on repeated running tests.
The most important thing is to constantly maintain the core shape from when the motorcycle is new.
We recommend installing this as an item to dress up your precious motorcycle and maintain its performance.





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