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Triumph Rocket Ⅲ

Triumph Rocket Ⅲ
Titanium Exhaust Headers

The header pipe, pipe assembly, and center pipe are made from titanium and have a total weight of 1,266g. The header pipe diameter has been reduced from 38.1 mm to 42.7 mm, and the slender section of the No.1 pipe, the longest of the pipes of uneven length, and of the No.3 pipe, the shortest pipe, have been elongated to balance their relative exhaust resistance.

The pipe assembly is a 3-1 pyramid configuration, each joint sprung, with seals on top that act as same-color guides for assembly. Please remove them once assembled.

The header pipe attachment, heat resistant, is machined stainless steel and smoothly funnels the exhaust from the exhaust port to the header pipe.

Product name Triumph Rocket Ⅲ
Titanium Exhaust Headers
Price USD 2,500.00
Freight charges United States and Australia: USD 50.00
Europe: USD 55.00
Asia: USD 35.00
Attention Does not include heat guard. The pipes become extremely hot.
Take care to avoid burns.
Please take measures to attach a heat guard yourself.

INQUIRIES TEL 81-92-477-9483

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